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Vutha Magazine is a digital destination for young Zimbabwean creatives and entrepreneurs. We aim to provide an alternative to traditional media in Zimbabwe by redefining what Zimbabwean youth culture is; through taking on our different stories from an intersectional perspective. It is a space for young people to find a voice about current socio-economic and political issues specific to them while marrying this to fashion, music and art. The magazine acts as a global network for Zimbabwean creatives and entrepreneurs to come together and develop ideas. Simply put? We’re here to tell Zimbabwean stories.



Camilla Sibanda

Lubalethu Dube

Creative Director/ Editor

Camilla Sibanda

Managing Director/ Web Developer

Lubalethu Dube

Assistant Editors 

Chipo Biti

Tinaye Munyawiri


Tinatswe Mhaka


Rebecca Sibanda

Tinashe Mavhumure

Farirai Sanyika

Camilla Sibanda

Chipo Biti

Tinaye Munyawiri


Takunda Chipara

Tinashe Charleson 

Made in Africa

Graphic Designer

Tinashe Charleson Moyo

Make Up Artist/ Hairstylist

Lotlhe Lolo Motsisi Kekana


Tafadzwa Makoni

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